School Children

Education in Australia – UK Comparison

If you are relocating to Australia, you will want to make sure the whole family settles in well. Part of that is knowing the education options available for your children, how it works and...
Transporting pets

Guide to Moving With Pets to Australia

When you decide to move the family Down Under, of course that involves the pets as well. After all, we all deserve a lifetime of shine, Neighbours and Home & Away, right?
healthcare medical

Healthcare in Australia for Expats

One thing most Britons agree on is their gratitude to the NHS for providing free healthcare at the point of delivery. So, when we look to move abroad, healthcare provisions...
Cost of Living in Australia

Cost of Living in Australia

Australia vs the UK Many expats choose to move to Australia because it offers great quality of life, but of course all that is dependent on how much money...

Moving to Australia – A Guide for Expats

Around 1.2 million Britons have chosen to call Australia home. It may have something to do with those endless sunny images we have been bombarded with on television, the great coastal cities...

Settling into the Australian Life – By Australians!

A recent survey published in The Telegraph reveals that the most important asset for any expat in Australia is the determination to succeed. The survey interviewed over 1,000 Australians; let's take a look at their suggestions...
Brisbane, Australia

The Best Australian Cities for Quality of Life

In 2014 Monocle Magazine released their eighth Quality of Life Survey in what has now become an annual event. The poll revealed the top 25 most livable cities in the entire world. For anyone thinking of relocating...
Downtown Sydney skyline in Australia at twilight

Australia: East Coast v West Coast

Chill out in Perth or mellow out in Melbourne? The east and west coasts of Australia both have much to offer, but differ greatly in atmosphere, climate and scenery. Moving to Australia If you are thinking...

Australian Food Favourites You Should Try

If you think of all of the different representatives of global cultures who have made their home in Australia, as well as recipes from the indigenous peoples, you’ll get an idea about the diversity...
Olympic Park Melbourne

An Expat Guide to Melbourne, Australia

Anyone moving to Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city won’t be disappointed when they arrive. This multicultural hub with a population of four million people is dynamic and exciting. From vibrant nightlife, to sport, fashion and...

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