Best Places to Live in New Zealand

Best Places to Live in New Zealand

New Zealand, often referred to as a Pacific jewel, is an expat paradise due to its breath-taking landscapes and high quality of life. Whether you're drawn by the allure of a serene...
Lake Tekapo, New Zealand - Living in The 16 Regions of New Zealand

Everything You Need to Know About Living in The 16 Regions of New Zealand

So you’ve been thinking about a new life abroad, and you’ve been wondering, is New Zealand a good place to live?  This Southern Hemisphere nation holds a lot of...
Comparing Australia VS New Zealand

Which Country Should I Move To: Australia or New Zealand?

Are you considering a big move down under and asking yourself, "should I move to Australia or New Zealand?" Australia and New Zealand are two beautiful countries with unique qualities that attract...
Reasons to Live in New Zealand

25 Great Reasons to Move to New Zealand

If you’ve dreamed of making the exciting leap to life abroad for better quality of life, a slower pace and the great outdoors, the chances are, you’ve considered life in New Zealand.
Empty Classroom

New Zealand Education System – A Guide for UK Expats

The New Zealand education system is highly regarded internationally for its student-centered approach and emphasis on practical learning. Overseen by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), this system provides equal opportunities for...
Guide to Culture in New Zealand - Mount Taranaki / Mount Egmont, Taranaki, New Zealand

Your Essential Guide to New Zealand Culture

Whilst many of those who first settled in New Zealand were Europeans, New Zealand now has quite a diverse culture that has influences from the Maori and Polynesian people as well as...
New Zealand on globe

Moving to New Zealand: Choosing Between the North and South Islands

If you are considering moving to New Zealand, one of the first decisions you will need to make is whether to move to the North or South Island. These two islands offer...
Auckland, New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand – The Ultimate Guide (Updated 2023)

What comes to mind when you think of New Zealand? The sweeping landscapes with gangs of armoured Orcs running amok? The world's best Rugby Union team challenging their opponents with the Haka?...
New Zealand Flag

Cost of Living in New Zealand (2022)

New Zealand, like any other country, has its expensive areas and its more reasonably priced areas. Yet overall, migrants from the UK will find that the cost of everyday living in New...
Auckland, New Zealand

Pros and Cons of Living in New Zealand

There are many reasons for deciding to become an expat. You might be looking for education opportunities, a new job or even a place to retire. However, before you choose a new...