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Shipping to The USA: What You Can and Can’t Bring

Moving to the USA is a bold decision full of possibilities and excitement. It’s the land of opportunity, with more than 60 national parks, and 50 great states to explore.
Golden Gate Bridge, California, USA

Top 6 Reasons Expats Love Living in the USA

Whether it is glamorous television shows, glitzy Hollywood or top 40 hits, the world takes a lot of its cultural cues from the USA, which is why it always seems somewhat familiar when we...

6 Unexpected Cities for a Great Expat Lifestyle in The USA

Yes, we all love the idea of golden California beaches and the fast-paced excitement of New York, but the US is vast and if you are looking for a great place to live there...
USA and Canada Flags - USA vs Canada

USA or Canada? Which Country is Better for Expats?

They are the great North American rivals, friendly neighbours who tease each other over everything from hockey to foreign policy. But is one superior to the other? Should you move to Canada...
Moving to the USA - New York Skyline

Moving to the USA – A Guide for Expats

It is the land of the free and home of the brave. The USA is also a fantastic country in which to live as an expat. Roughly the size of Europe, with 50 diverse...
Opening a US Bank Account from the UK and Overseas

How to Open a US Bank Account

When moving to the US there aren't many things more important than your money, and the US banking system can be quite hard to get used to. So, how exactly do you...
Space telescope exhibition, Austin Texas

Austin: Cultural Hotspot of Texas

The Texan city of Austin is so proud of its culture that it even has its own website developed to help anyone who's relocating to the USA to discover the city’s treats and treasures. Come on Down Though...
New York Harbour

UK Expat Accounts Under Threat in the US

Following numerous global tax avoidance scandals, as well as the recent financial crisis, governments all over the world are trying to boost their tax revenues. This is great news for public finances, but for...
Golden Gate bridge San Francisco

Living in San Francisco, California

The famous poet, Rudyard Kipling once said ‘the only drawback to living in San Francisco is how hard it is to leave’. The city is synonymous with a laid-back atmosphere and lifestyle. Moving to the...
Valley of Fire road sign

Driving in the US

Anyone who’s ever seen an iconic road movie will want to emulate their hero and set off in their car to explore the whole of the United States. This country is car crazy, they...

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