Moving to the USA

Find the latest news and expert advice on everything you need to know about moving to the USA from the UK. We cover topics such as Visas & Green cards, lifestyle, education, cost of living, international removals to the US (furniture shipping) and much more.

Road in the USA - Driving in the US - Moving to the USA

Moving to the USA – Driving Guide

Contents: Do I need a Driving Licence?International Driving PermitsUS Driving LicenceThe Rules of the RoadThe Police and Traffic LawsCosts of Driving in the USCar Insurance in the USCan I...

Moving to the USA – Becoming a US Citizen

Contents: Visas and Green CardsThe Benefits of US CitizenshipHow to Become a US CitizenThe Naturalization InterviewThe Oath of AllegianceMoving to the USA Visas and Green Cards
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Moving to the USA – Do I Need a Green Card or a Visa?...

Green Card or Visa, Which Do I Need? Now that depends on your own situation. Although Green Cards and Visas are usually discussed together and are both US government-issued...
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Our Top Pick of the Best US Cities for Millennials

Millennials are typically known for wanting to work hard and play hard, exploring the world and spreading their wings. But now this age group - born between 1981 and 1996 and famed...
Voting in the US election from overseas

Everything You Need to Know About US Expat Voting

Becoming an expat is an exciting endeavour, but there is nothing like an election season to remind you of life back at home. US citizens living abroad are currently experiencing that reality...
Moving to the USA - New York Skyline

Cost of Living: New York, USA

The land of the free and home of the brave, the US offers variety, colour, energy and multicultural living. There’s nowhere this is truer than in New York City, voted the ‘Greatest...
Expat Pensions in the US

British Expat Pensions in the US

If you are currently receiving a UK pension and want to know how to move from the UK to the USA or are coming up on the time when you need to...
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Shipping to The USA: What You Can and Can’t Bring

Moving to the USA is a bold decision full of possibilities and excitement. It’s the land of opportunity, with more than 60 national parks, and 50 great states to explore.
Golden Gate Bridge, California, USA

Top 6 Reasons Expats Love Living in the USA

Whether it is glamorous television shows, glitzy Hollywood or top 40 hits, the world takes a lot of its cultural cues from the USA, which is why it always seems somewhat familiar when we...

6 Unexpected Cities for a Great Expat Lifestyle in The USA

Yes, we all love the idea of golden California beaches and the fast-paced excitement of New York, but the US is vast and if you are looking for a great place to live there...