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Everything You Need to Know About Shipping Belongings Overseas

Last year we posted a blog on How to Ship Furniture Overseas Safely with 1st Move. This covers exactly how to pack, prepare, organise and ship furniture overseas. Here...
Best places for digital nomads afte COVID-19

The 10 Best Places for Digital Nomads to Live After COVID

It is the exotic term used for those perennial travellers, the ones who have managed to work remotely and spend their days exploring the world while earning a living.

COVID-Safe Things to do in Sydney, Australia

Ah, Sydney, the land of excellent beaches, unbeatable weather, and a contagious hang-loose attitude that will have you enjoying life like the locals in no time. There are plenty of awesome things...
Young couple celebrating moving to their new home

How to Move Abroad Safely During Covid-19

When it comes to travel, 2020 has certainly made it tricky. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected so many countries around the world, disrupting plans for those looking to move abroad as much...

Is It Too Late To Move To Europe Before Brexit On December 31?

There is just a little more than a month to go until the Brexit window closes on December 31, 2020. So if you are one of the Britons considering moving to Europe...
Shanghai, China

Pros and Cons of Moving to China

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of moving to China? Perhaps it’s the mysterious street food, the towering buildings or the impressive history. Like anywhere else, life...
Thailand landscape

Retiring to Thailand From The UK

Thailand, with a total area of about 513,000 square kilometres, is located in the heart of Southeast Asia. During the past decade, it has become a very popular retirement destination for British...
Hong Kong skyline

How to Open a Hong Kong Bank Account from Abroad

If you love the idea of living in a fast-paced city combining Asian culture and Western freedoms, then Hong Kong might be exactly what you’re looking for. As one of the leading...
Toronto skyline, Canada.

How Canada is Attracting Expats During The Pandemic

Visitors who wish to immigrate to Canada are in luck. The Canadian Department of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship recently announced visitors can now receive a job offer and apply for a work...
Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand Welcomes Stranded Expats

After the Covid-19 pandemic took hold around March of 2020, some 268,000 foreign nationals left New Zealand due to new border restrictions. Many have remained abroad, unable to return to their families,...