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Toronto skyline, Canada.

How Canada is Attracting Expats During The Pandemic

Visitors who wish to immigrate to Canada are in luck. The Canadian Department of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship recently announced visitors can now receive a job offer and apply for a work...
Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand Welcomes Stranded Expats

After the Covid-19 pandemic took hold around March of 2020, some 268,000 foreign nationals left New Zealand due to new border restrictions. Many have remained abroad, unable to return to their families,...
money scales - most expensive cities in 2020 for expats

The Most Expensive Cities in the World for Expats

When you’re choosing where to move abroad you have a whole world of destinations to choose from. So you often begin your search thinking about the climate you’d like to live in,...
Image of the Great Wall of China - Moving to China expat guide

Moving to China – A Guide for Expats

With an estimated population of 1.4 billion, it’s no surprise that there are quite a few expats living amongst the ever-growing population of China. In fact, nearly four million Britons have taken...
Malaga - International removals to Spain - Spain Moving Guide - 1st Move International

Moving to Spain – A Guide for Expats

Whilst we don't cover Spain as part of our international removals services, we still thought a guide on moving to Spain would be a great resource for readers on our blog. It...
Al-Masjid Al-Haram, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

How to Stay Safe When Living in Saudi Arabia

Images of Saudi Arabia evoke desert landscapes, oil-based wealth, the birthplace of Islam and the home of the holy Mecca site. But Saudi Arabia also calls to mind harsh...
Moving to Dubai, UAE

Shipping to Dubai: What You Can and Can’t Bring

You’re standing on the precipice of your old life, about to take a giant leap into your new beginning. It’s exciting; it’s invigorating, it’s a chance to start fresh.
Buying Property Abroad - International Removals

Top 10 Tips for Buying Property Abroad

The chances are that while on a relaxing holiday in the sunshine, perhaps after a lazy al fresco lunch, you’ve been struck by curiosity and started browsing the local real estate listings....
Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Cost of Living in Dubai - Dubai Apartments / Accomodation

Cost of Living in Dubai

Think endless sunshine, glitzy skyscrapers and man-made islands, amazing job opportunities, great local travel and a surprisingly rich local culture and you have Dubai, perhaps one of the most popular expat destinations...
US Flag - Shipping to the USA - Restricted Items - Moving to the USA

Shipping to The USA: What You Can and Can’t Bring

Moving to the USA is a bold decision full of possibilities and excitement. It’s the land of opportunity, with more than 60 national parks, and 50 great states to explore.

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