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International Removals from the UK Shipping Personal Effects, Household Goods, Furniture & Cars
Moving furniture, personal effects and household goods overseas for more than 25 years

1st Move International Removals

1st Move are one of the UK’s largest privately owned international removals companies with a global network of moving agents and resources. Our unique COVID safe packing and shipping systems are designed to safeguard, isolate, protect and safely ship your personal effects overseas. This ensures a Zero Touch overseas delivery service direct from the UK to your door or to one of our customs depots abroad.

Unlike other international moving companies, we professionally pack all household goods and personal effects to your own individual pallets. We then consolidate and load your pallets to shipping containers with some of the UK’s largest exporters. This means we can also offer faster sailing and arrival times compared to other movers.

Our highly personal and regulated international removals services give your goods the security and protection of palletised shipping with the economy of a weekly shared container service.

Safeguard and protect your personal effects, household goods and furniture “Ship It like the Pros” and discover the safest way to move overseas with 1st Move International.

Jumbled up personal effects before packing

Segregated from other shipments and professionally export wrapped.

Perfectly packed pallet

Shrink-wrapped and heat-treated to individual pallets.

Packed pallets inside container cross section

Safely loaded and isolated from all other shipments inside the container.

COVID Safe Packing Shield

Our unique packing systems provide the ultimate COVID safe international moving service, ensuring that your household goods are not touched or handled by any third parties when they arrive at your destination. The transit time inside the container further ensures that your goods will arrive COVID free and will not require you to clean or disinfect items on arrival at your door. Protect, Safeguard and Ship.

Ship it Like the Pros

We do not load loose items into containers, period. Just like professional exporting companies we ensure all loose items are professionally packed, secured on to pallets and shrink-wrapped before loading to your shipping container.

We are the only International Removals Company in the UK to use this tried and tested professional packing system to ensure the safety of your household goods.

For a Faster, Safer Move Overseas

Now you can experience the benefits that professional exporters enjoy and be assured that our robust packing methods will give your personal effects the maximum protection for that overseas move.

Once packed to pallets your goods are shipped on guaranteed weekly container services direct from the UK, so also get you there Faster.

Just like the pros.

International Removals - Major Benefits

  • FASTER Weekly Shipping.
  • SAFER Palletised Packing.
  • Trusted for over 25 years.
  • Weekly to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more.
  • Fully insured overseas removals services from the UK’s top independent mover.
  • BAR & BIFA approved worldwide moving services.

International Removals: A Faster, Safer Move Abroad

10 great benefits of moving overseas using our protective packing systems

Ship it like the pros! Our professional packing systems are specifically designed to move your personal items safely overseas. Often described as the surgical glove of shipping we maximise the protection for your household goods meaning you do not have to isolate, wipe or disinfect your goods on arrival.

We do not load loose items in containers and your personal effects will never be mixed in with other customers goods. Once palletised they can only be moved by forklift so are free from human contact until arrival at your door.

We are the only international moving company who use this system of shrink-wrap packing and have pioneered palletised shipping for over 24 years. Isolate, safeguard, protect and ship has been our mantra since 1997.

  1. Maximise the safety and security for every international move.
  2. Prevents any handling of your personal effects by others.
  3. Sealed and separated from all other shipments.
  4. No need to isolate, disinfect or wipe at your door. Just cut open the bag and dispose.
  5. No delays. We ship weekly by sharing with commercial exporting companies.
  6. Pay exactly for what you ship. Measured exactly for clear and accurate billing.
  7. Weekly shipping services with the UK’s premier shipping lines.
  8. Reduce customs delays on arrival. Customs clear your pallet. Not the container.
  9. Approved by our insurers and proven to reduce claims.
  10. Individually export wrapped, secured to your own pallets, bubble wrap protected, shrink wrapped & heat treated, strap banded and finally, security sealed.

For the safest international removals service on the planet, period.

Container ship sailing fast

Guaranteed Weekly Shipping Service

Avoid the delays and get there faster! Our unique packing systems allow us to ship weekly by sharing containers with commercial exporting companies.
Ship it like the pros with our guaranteed weekly shipping services.

Covid Safe Packing Badge
Packed pallets lined up

Science Behind Our COVID Safe Packing

Palletised removals for a safer move overseas. Our shrinkwrap packing stops the handling of individual items to ensure a Zero Touch delivery. This also reduces the risks of damage and improves the security of your goods.

Pallets being measured

Measured Exactly for Accurate Billing

Size does matter! International moving costs are determined by the total volume of your move.
Each pallet is measured exactly after packing to ensure clear and accurate billing for your move abroad.

UK Nationwide Collections

1st Move International have receiving depots throughout the UK including London, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow. We can offer collection services throughout the whole of the UK. From our main transport facilities in Bristol we can also offer next day collection and packing services throughout South Wales, including Swansea, Cardiff and Newport. Combined with our specially negotiated rates with all major shipping lines this means we can guarantee weekly moving and shipping services to over 97 countries including Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa, Canada and more.

It's a Question of Trust

1st Move International are members of the British International Freight Association (BIFA) and the British Association of Removers (BAR). We are also registered UK customs brokers which allows us to file electronic customs clearances through all main UK ports. Established in 1997, we have been providing overseas removals services to members of the public for over 22 years and are one of the UK’s largest privately owned overseas moving companies. We ship household goods and personal effects to almost all overseas destinations and we provide international removals insurance through Royal Sun Alliance.

Your Pallets Packed - Live on Facebook

COVID Safe Packing and Zero Touch Delivery Label

1st Move are the only UK international removals company who offer COVID safe packing solutions when shipping household goods overseas.

Once packed, all of our customer pallets are photographed and pictures of your own shipment will be posted immediately to our Facebook page.

For news and advice you can also visit our blog page here.