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Whilst we will make every effort to satisfy your moving date we can only confirm availability once we have reviewed the details of your booking. Please allow us 24 hours to confirm that we have the appropriate transport and manpower resources required to collect and pack your move on that date. We will contact you within 24 hours of your booking to confirm your chosen date or offer a suitable alternative. You can also call our offices immediately after you have booked and we will give you confirmation by phone that we can satisfy your move date. Thank you for your understanding.

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We will allocate our transport and packing teams based on our original quotation to you but would really appreciate if you can also give us a quick summary.

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The person named here will be the responsible party for receiving your goods at destination and will also be responsible for all appropriate customs formalities on arrival. If you have appointed someone else, named here, we will contact you before shipping to ensure compliance.

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We Offer 3 Types of Cover as Follows

Super Cover: Full cover with no excess. All Risks policy for loss, theft and breakage.
Standard Cover: The same as above but with a 1% excess in the event of any claim.
Restricted Cover: Total loss. Covers you in the event that all goods are lost or stolen.
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