Free Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes Overseas? Get Some Free Moving Boxes

When you book more than 2.00 cubic meters of goods on our international moving services we will deduct the costs of your packing boxes and moving supplies from your final shipping invoice, up to a maximum of £50.00. You can order boxes, tape, bubble wrap, or indeed any moving supplies from our preferred supplier below and we will give you your money back to the value of £ 50.00.

All you need to do to take advantage of our offer is send us a copy of your moving boxes invoice from website and we will deduct this cost from our final shipping invoice. For your convenience you may purchase your packing boxes using the link below. Once your goods have been shipped just email us a copy of your moving boxes invoice and we will deduct this charge from your final bill. Simple.

SPECIAL OFFER. Get Free boxes up to a value of £ 100.00

Free boxes with your international move

£100.00 worth of FREE packing boxes, bubble wrap or any other packing materials you may need.

If your shipment exceeds a total of 10.00 cubic metres we will rebate the cost of any boxes you buy for your move from our preferred supplier up to a value of £100.00.

Simply order your packing supplies online below and copy us with the invoice. We will deduct up to a maximum of £100.00 from your final shipping costs if your move exceeds 10 cubic metres.

These offers are only available when you purchase boxes through our preferred supplier below.

packing boxes