Container Shipping Costs from the UK to Canada

Please find below current container shipping rates from the UK to Canada. Container shipping costs are based on the size or volume of your move. The bigger the move, the higher the cost. Collection, packing and destination charges will also affect the final price, so please ask us for a quote.

Destination Port Shared Container Cost (GBP) 3 Bed House - 20ft Container Cost (GBP) 4-5 Bed House - 40ft Container Cost (GBP)
Montreal, Canada From £1,264 £3,900 £5,850
Toronto, Canada From £1,264 £4,600 £6,550
Vancouver, Canada From £1,377 £5,300 £8,100

Why Ship to Canada in a Sole Use Container

Choosing a sole use container to ship your household goods to Canada has several benefits:

  1. Space: A sole use container offers a very large amount of space depending on the size of the container, and these containers can be packed and loaded directly from your home. A three-bedroom house will normally fit into a 20ft container, and a four or five-bedroom house move should fit into a 40ft container.

  2. Speed: Unlike sharing a container with others, once your container is loaded, it will go directly to the port for immediate shipping on the first available vessel.

  3. Security: Once your items are packed and loaded, the container is sealed and remains this way until it reaches the port where, after an initial inspection, the entire container can be delivered to you without its contents being handled by other individual customers. This is your container, so you have the added privacy of not sharing with others.

Why Ship to Canada in a Shared Container

Shipping your household goods in a shared container, often referred to as a "groupage" service, also has a number of advantages:

  1. Cost effective: One of the biggest advantages of shared shipping is the cost. As you are only paying for the space your belongings occupy within the container, it's typically much cheaper than using a sole-use container, making it an excellent choice for smaller shipments or for those on a tight budget.

  2. Ideal for Smaller Moves: If you're not moving a whole house worth of belongings, shared shipping is ideal. You won't be left with wasted space in a container, as you would with a sole-use service.

  3. Secure Professional Packing: With shared container services shipped by 1st Move, we always protect, pack, and palletize all shared house moves. This ensures that your items are packed in a way that maximizes space and provides them with the best protection during transit. It also means your pallets can be measured exactly to ensure clear and accurate billing.

Main Container Shipping Ports in Canada

Canada, with its extensive coastline, is home to several major ports that play an integral role in the transportation of goods to and from the UK and other countries across the globe. Here are some of the main container shipping ports in Canada:

  • Port of Vancouver: The Port of Vancouver is the largest port in Canada and the third largest in North America by tonnes of cargo. It's a significant gateway that connects Canadian businesses with more than 170 trading economies globally. The port manages a vast range of goods and in 2022, it handled approximately 141 million tonnes of cargo.
  • Port of Montreal: The Port of Montreal is the largest port in Eastern Canada and the second largest in the country overall. It's a crucial hub for transatlantic trade, playing a critical role in the container shipping sector. In 2022, the port handled over 1.6 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units, a measure of cargo capacity).
  • Port of Halifax: The Port of Halifax is the largest port in Atlantic Canada and the deepest, ice-free port in North America, making it a preferred choice for container shipping. With its unique advantage, the port handled more than 550,000 TEUs in 2022.
  • Port of Prince Rupert: The Port of Prince Rupert in British Columbia is the closest North American port to Asia by up to three sailing days, offering great access to key markets. It's renowned for its efficient and fast service, having handled approximately 1.2 million TEUs in 2022.
  • Port of Saint John: The Port of Saint John in New Brunswick is the third largest port in Canada by tonnage. This port is a crucial shipping gateway, offering a strategic connection to over 350 ports worldwide.

Trust Us with Your Move to Canada

Whether you choose a sole-use or shared container for shipping your household goods internationally you will be assured of a professional, courteous and stress-free move from 1st Move International.

Our experienced team is here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your move is as seamless as possible. We're committed to providing you with the best service and value for money with our faster shipping and safer packing, regardless of the size or complexity of your move.

To get your container moving quote from the UK Canada simply get a free, no-obligation quote and one of our move managers will send a quote and go through the services options we have available. Let's embark on this journey together.

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