How Much Does Shipping a Container to USA Cost?

If you are looking for international container shipping from the UK to the USA you should be aware of the different costs associated with container shipping. On this page we cover how much you can expect to pay for international container shipping from the UK to USA and we break down our main shipping options and the benefits they present when shipping to the USA.

Short Answer: The average cost for shipping a 20ft container to USA is around £8,200.00 while the average costs to ship a 40ft container to USA is around £9,500.00. Shared container costs start from £1,268.00.

Container Shipping Costs from the UK to USA

Please find below current container shipping rates from the UK to USA. Container shipping costs are based on the size or volume of your move. The bigger the move, the higher the cost. Collection, packing and destination charges will also affect the final price, so please ask us for a quote.

Destination Port or Inland Depot
Small studio move in a Shared Container Cost
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1 bed flat in a Shared Container Cost
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3 bed house / 20ft Container Cost
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4 bed house / 40ft Container Cost
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Charleston, South Carolina From £1,026 From £1,622 £7,568 £9,100
Chicago, Illinois From £1,104 From £1,749 £8,177 £9,895
Houston, Texas From £1,016 From £1,624 £8,559 £10,044
Los Angeles, California From £1,134 From £1,798 £9,743 £11,846
Miami, Florida From £1,052 From £1,663 £8,276 £9,619
New York, New York From £1,021 From £1,584 £7,757 £9,195
Norfolk, Virginia From £1,175 From £1,873 £7,568 £9,097
San Francisco, California From £1,391 From £2,234 £10,553 £13,196
Phoenix, Arizona From £1,503 From £2,421 £11,376 £14,252
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania From £1,258 From £1,998 £8,973 £10,601
San Antonio, Texas From £1,512 From £2,473 £11,522 £13,584
San Diego, California From £1,454 From £2,338 £11,982 £14,577
Dallas, Texas From £1,399 From £2,248 £10,833 £12,756
Jacksonville, Florida From £1,353 From £2,164 £9,982 £11,854
Seattle, Washington From £1,486 From £2,397 £10,973 £13,766
Denver, Colorado From £1,453 From £2,338 £11,342 £13,812
Columbus, Ohio From £1,336 From £2,143 £9,504 £11,532
Louisville, Kentucky From £1,461 From £2,352 £9,954 £11,913
Boston, Massachusetts From £1,107 From £1,749 £8,348 £10,857
Las Vegas, Nevada From £1,615 From £2,608 £13,104 £15,989
Baltimore, Maryland From £1,225 From £1,957 £8,563 £10,494
Atlanta, Georgia From £1,163 From £1,853 £8,327 £9,907
Tulsa, Oklahoma From £1,412 From £2,267 £11,207 £13,598
Charlotte, North Carolina From £1,324 From £2,122 £9,012 £11,246

Why Ship to USA in a Sole Use Container

Opting to ship your personal possessions to the USA in a sole use container has numerous advantages:

  1. Space: A sole use container grants you a significant amount of space. These containers can be loaded and sealed right at your doorstep. You'll find that a three-bedroom home typically fits into a 20ft container, while a larger home with four or five bedrooms would require a 40ft container.

  2. Speed:When you opt for a sole use container, there's no waiting around. As soon as your container is packed and sealed, it's whisked off to the port for the next available departure.

  3. Security:The moment your goods are packed and the container is sealed, it remains untouched until it arrives at the destination port. The fact that this container is exclusively yours eliminates the worry of sharing space with strangers.

Why Ship to USA in a Shared Container

The "groupage" service is where you share container space with other individuals or exporters and it has its own set of attractive benefits:

  1. Cost effective: The cost factor is a massive plus in shared shipping. Since you only pay for the space your goods take up in the container, it's a budget-friendly option, especially for smaller shipments or if you are money-conscious.

  2. Ideal for Smaller Moves: Groupage is perfect when you don't have a lot of personal effects for shipping. There's no need to worry about paying for unused space in a container.

  3. Secure Professional Packing: With 1st Move's groupage service, your goods are professionally packed, protected, and palletised. This not only ensures the best use of space but also provides your items with the highest level of protection during their journey. Moreover, this approach allows us to provide you with accurate and transparent billing.

Main Container Shipping Ports in USA

The USA's vast coastline houses several pivotal ports essential for the shipment of goods from the UK and other parts of the world. Let's have a look at some of these key ports:

  • Port of Los Angeles: This is the USA's busiest port and an essential link connecting American businesses with markets in over 200 economies worldwide. In 2022, it managed a staggering volume of about 10.3 million TEUs.
  • Port of New York and New Jersey: The largest port on the USA's East Coast and the country's second busiest. Its strategic location makes it a significant player in transatlantic trade, with the port handling over 7.5 million TEUs in 2022.
  • Port of Savannah: The Port of Savannah is one of the fastest-expanding ports in North America. It handled more than 4.5 million TEUs in 2022, thanks to its strategic positioning.
  • Port of Houston: Known for its speed and efficiency, this large port managed around 3.3 million TEUs in 2022.
  • Port of Oakland: Providing a strategic connection to more than 400 ports worldwide, the Port of Oakland is an essential component of global trade.
  • Port of Miami: Known as the "Cargo Gateway of the Americas," the Port of Miami is a leading hub for freight transportation between the USA and Latin America. It also serves as a major transshipment hub for global shipping lines, making it an essential player in international trade. With its modern and efficient infrastructure, the port can handle a considerable volume of cargo, and in 2022, it managed close to 1.1 million TEUs.
  • Port of Long Beach: Situated in Southern California, the Port of Long Beach is one of the world's busiest seaports. Known for its commitment to innovation and sustainability, it is a major gateway for trade between the USA and Asia. This bustling port efficiently handles a high volume of container traffic, managing approximately 8.1 million TEUs in 2022, solidifying its position as a vital node in the global shipping network.

Trust Us with Your Move to USA

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