A large container shipping vessel on the ocean carrying goods for international removals

Shipping Container Tracking

1st Move International's Container and Cargo tracking system

Once we have loaded your goods to the shipping line's container we will give you the unique container number. All major shipping lines support this container tracking service which allows us to track the current location of your goods anywhere in the world. This system currently tracks over half a million shipping containers worldwide. Find out where your shipment is now, in real time...

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Container Tracking

This container shipping tracking service relies on extracting real time data direct from the container tracking system currently used by other 100 major shipping lines and carriers, however, not all carriers use this system. In the unlikely event that your container number produces no results and you have shipped your goods with 1st Move International, we are happy to provide verbal confirmation on the current position of your shipment.

If the carrier has not employed container tracking then you can also track the exact position of your vessel using real time data from the AIS system which is designed to be capable of providing current information on the location and route for all commercial ships. Simply input the name of the vessel to get the latest AIS information and the global position, course, speed and navigational status of your container ship or vessel.

Please note our container tracking service relies on information from third parties and various worldwide GPS services. It’s usually spot on, however 1st Move International cannot be held responsible in the event of incorrect information. If your shipment is particularly time sensitive or the arrival date is critical please call our offices and we will check directly with the carrier and give you an updated time of arrival.


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A large container shipping vessel on the ocean carrying goods for international removals
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