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Preparing for Your International Move

Preparing for an international relocation involves hundreds of tasks from paperwork to packing. Our customizable online moving overseas checklist allows you to conveniently track everything that needs to be done leading up to your move overseas. Simply check off items as you complete them across multiple categories like Visas & Documents, Home Preparations, Utilities, Travel Arrangements, and more. With move day reminders and the ability to share access, our tool provides an easy way to stay on top of your overseas move.

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Your Ultimate Moving Overseas Checklist

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With thorough preparation and planning, your international move can go smoothly and be an exciting new adventure. Following this comprehensive checklist will help you tie up all the loose ends, get organised, and take the stress out of your overseas relocation. We wish you the very best in your upcoming move and new chapter living abroad! Our team her at 1st Move International are here to provide guidance and support if any questions come up along the way. Wherever your move takes you in the world, embrace the journey and know that proper planning prevents problems down the road. Bon voyage! Your life overseas awaits!