Expert Packing

We do things a little different here, starting with our packing procedures. Unbeatable, unique and way above industry standard. Our packing has been designed to greatly reduce the chances of breakage and damage whilst your treasured possessions are in transit overseas.

We make no compromises. Watch our packing video for a guide as to how we do it. It’s no wonder our insurers love us! We maintain one of the lowest claims records in the international removals and shipping sector thanks to our great packing, with full insurance available through Royal Sun Alliance.

Smarter Pricing

Some great added benefits: Once packed, we can measure your home move EXACTLY. Each and every customer has their own individual pallets, hand made to suit the size of your move. This means your move is precisely measured, by us and by the shipping lines prior to departure. So, you pay for exactly what you ship. No more, no Less and no guessing!

We Don't Hang Around!

When it's packed, its gone! Unlike other movers, we don't hang around. With our international removals services there’s no waiting for other customers to fill up our containers and we always publish our scheduled departure dates and arrival times online.

So, why wait? Visit our USA container shipping schedule page and start planning your move to the USA with 1st Move International. Weekly shipping and international moving services direct from the UK to all 50 states including: New York in just 8 days, from UK Port to US Port.

Also, shipping weekly to Los Angeles California, Chicago Illinois, Miami Florida and all US cities and towns throughout mainland USA. Get in contact today by calling free on 0800 3890784. Complete our quote form here or just ask us a question.

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International Removals Costs from the UK to USA

How Much Does it Cost to Move to The USA?

Are you moving to the USA and trying to figure out just how much it will cost to ship your stuff? Below are our very simple guide prices to ship your personal effects and household goods to America.

Short Answer: The cost of international removals from the UK to USA is between £1,300 and £3,000, depending on your move size and destination. For a more detailed cost breakdown please check our table below.

Important information about these moving costs

The container prices below should be used as a guide only. They do not include UK collection charges from your residence (we don't know where you live) nor do they include onward delivery from the US port to your home in America, (we don't know where you are going to live) and they do not include packing and loading costs (we don't know how much you are shipping.)

The moving costs below are for an average 3 bed house in a 20ft container, or a 4-5 bed house in a 40ft container. These are shipping costs from Southampton/London to the corresponding US port. As mentioned, we have not included UK collection or packing costs, customs fees, insurance, or the costs for onward delivery to your US address via the port of arrival.

We'll be happy provide a tailored quote with these costs included if you complete the quick form on this page. Just as a rough estimate, for a 3 bed house from Oxford to upstate New York you should budget another £1800.00 to £2000.00 for the transport, packing and unpacking costs.

Shipping and Moving Costs from the UK to USA

Destination Port 20ft Container Cost (GBP) 40ft Container Cost (GBP)
Charleston £1,711 £2,640
Chicago £2,400 £3,115
Houston £1,369 £1,806
Los Angeles £1,990 £2,733
Miami £1,538 £1,993
New York £1,506 £1,943
Norfolk £1,810 £2,640
San Francisco £2,155 £2,998

Real customer reviews

Simply the best! Highly recommend 1st Move International, outstanding service. I had a large shipment of all my worldly goods to SA of which many items were very fragile. The packaging was so amazing not a single item was broken. And the communication was excellent all the way. Thank you to all at the company.

We have used 1st Move International over the past five years and never had a concern. The service we have received has encouraged us to give 1st Move International's details to all our friends

Everything about 1st Move itself was excellent - they were efficient, courteous, very responsive to all my concerns and very straightforward to deal with.

These guys are the best, superb service and amazing packing skills, everything arrived safely and not a scratch or broken glass in sight.

Your Pallets Packed - Live on Facebook

COVID Safe Packing and Zero Touch Delivery Label

We are the only UK international removals company who offer COVID safe packing solutions when shipping household goods from the UK.

Once packed, your pallets are photographed and pictures of your shipment will be posted immediately to our Facebook page.

You can see a gallery of our latest customer shipments here.