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International Removals UK to Hong Kong

Moving from the UK to Hong Kong and looking for moving and shipping costs? Here at 1st Move we provide guaranteed weekly shipping and moving services to Hong Kong and here you will find all the information on removals costs, packing shipping and insurance options.

You can get a quick quote for your overseas move to Hong Kong here and find out more about the available shipping options including packing costs, insurance benefits and faster shipping times from the UK.

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How Much Does it Cost?

International Removals Costs from the UK to Hong Kong

You pay exactly for what you ship with our bespoke packing service which allows us to measure the exact size of your final move and ensure a safe and secure overseas move shipping from the UK to Hong Kong.

Short Answer: The cost of international removals from the UK to Hong Kong starts from £865 for a shared container service, £3,015 for a 3-bed house and £5,829 for a 4 or 5-bed house. The final cost will ultimately depend on your move size and destination in Hong Kong.

International Removals Costs UK to Hong Kong

Destination Port Shared Container Cost (GBP) 3 Bed House - 20ft Container Cost (GBP) 4-5 Bed House - 40ft Container Cost (GBP)
Hong Kong From £865 £3,015 £5,829

* Our costs table should be used as a guide only. As we do not know your collection or destination address, or how much you plan to ship, these costs do not include the following charges: UK collection, onward delivery from the port in Hong Kong to your new home, professional packing and loading costs.

We use the safest and most cost-effective shipping solutions, based on your needs, whether your relocation is temporary or permanent. From the beginning of the journey until the end of the process, we pay close attention to every detail.

Please ask for a free quotation and we will send you a bespoke quote with the full cost of your move, or give us a call on 0800 389 0784.

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Why Choose 1st Move?

Unique Benefits of 1st Move International

Why Ship to Hong Kong with 1st Move International?

At 1st Move International, we understand that removals or shipping to Hong Kong can feel like a mammoth challenge. Moving your possessions and family to the other side of the world can seem a daunting task to undertake. That’s why we offer guaranteed weekly shipping directly to Hong Kong from the UK.

We share our containers with some of the largest UK exporting companies, meaning we do not consolidate nor have to wait for other clients to fill up our containers. This provides us with a huge advantage against our competitors and faster shipping methods getting you and your possessions to Hong Kong quicker and easier.

Every move is treated as an individual job. Our team individually package and load your items with commercial firms and ship them out weekly to over 6,500 destinations using our bespoke packaging solutions.

What Are My Shipping Options?

Your Shipping Options for Removals to Hong Kong

Loading a Shared Container with 1st Move Pallets

Shared Container Services to Hong Kong

Less than container load, or "LCL", is designed for those smaller house moves. Professionally packed using our unique Safer Shrink-Fast packing system and shipped on the next available weekly sailing to Hong Kong.

Avoid the delays: Unlike other movers our unique shrinkfast packing packing systems allow us to share containers with the UK’s major manufacturing and exporting companies giving us unbeatable weekly sailings direct from the UK to Hong Kong utilising the world’s premier shipping lines.

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Loading a Full Container with 1st Move Pallets

Full Container Shipping Services to Hong Kong

Moving the contents for full house moves to Hong Kong. Full container load shipping, or "FCL", is for large or full 3 or 4 bed home moves and gives you sole use of a 20ft or 40ft container.

Your goods will be picked up from your home in the UK and brought to our main depot where we load it on to your own sole use container. Alternatively and parking permitted we can load directly from your home in the UK. That container is then delivered to the shipping line within 1 week in time for the next available sailing to Hong Kong.

More About Full Container Shipping
Transit Times

How Long Does it Take to Move to Hong Kong?

Due to our connections with international export companies, 1st Move International have access to shipments leaving the UK for Hong Kong and other nations each week. Whether you need a full 40ft container or just a small pallet, your shipment can leave the UK in under 7 days.

Port to port shipping to Hong Kong typically takes 29 days depending on the ports used and the final destination of your shipment. For a more detailed timeframe contact a member of our team.

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Hong Kong harbour with junk boat - International Removals to Hong Kong
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Our Unique Packing

How We Pack Your Overseas Move to Hong Kong

Our bespoke packing systems not only mean the safest of journeys for your personal items it also means that we do not need to wait for other customers before we can ship. Because we use our strict packing procedures, we are able to meet the stringent regulations for sharing containers with UK exporting firms. This allows us to ship weekly with the world's most prestigious shipping lines.

After Before

Dedicated Move Managers

When you choose shipping to Hong Kong with us, you will be provided with a dedicated move manager to help inform and reassure you every step of the way. Your dedicated moving consultant will explain the process of our overseas shipping to Hong Kong in depth.

They will also ensure that you are kept fully up to date throughout the move so that you are never left in the dark or wondering what to do next. We’ll take the stress out of your overseas shipping to Hong Kong so you can relax and focus on starting your next adventure.

Ready to Move to Hong Kong?

Complete our online international removal quote form and your quotation will be sent via email within 24 hours. If you’d like to ask a question right away. visit our contact page.

We offer next day collection services from UK locations and you can book your move easily online with a member of our team.

Please call us free on 0800 3890784 if you need any help or advice.


Our Happy Customers

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Your life, carefully wrapped, beautifully packed, and protected for the journey ahead.

We are extremely proud of our unique packing process. We are the only international removals company in the UK that uses this tried and tested method to ship your treasured personal possessions overseas.

Visit our Facebook page to find a snapshot of each shipment captured as the final pallet is wrapped.