A view of Singapore city with Gardens of the Bay seen after moving overseas to Singapore

International Removals to Singapore

Moving to Singapore? 1st Move International offers weekly shipping and removals services from the UK to Singapore. We are experts in packing and international removals for furniture, household goods and personal effects. Start your journey to Singapore with 1st Move International today and request a free quote.

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International Removals To Singapore: Costs, Transit Times, Our Services And Frequently Asked Questions

With our 25+ years of experience in shipping personal effects, furniture and household goods from the UK to Singapore, here we cover everything you need to know about the removals and shipping process, the costs, shipping times and other common questions. Looking for a quote? Complete our quick quote form or continue reading to learn all about international removals to Singapore.

How Much Does it Cost?

International Removals Costs from the UK to Singapore

We aim to make the process of moving your belongings to a new country as easy and transparent as possible. That starts with an easy-to-follow and affordable pricing structure to enable you to reach your destination on time and on budget. So, how much does international removals to Singapore cost?

Quick Answer

The average cost for an international move to Singapore can range from £800 to £5,000 depending on the size of your move, your final destination and your required service (full container or shared container).

See our cost table below for a more detailed breakdown of shipping costs or request a free quote to receive a tailored quotation for your move.

International Removals Costs UK to Singapore*

Destination Port Shared Container Cost (GBP) 3 Bed House - 20ft Container Cost (GBP) 4-5 Bed House - 40ft Container Cost (GBP)
Singapore From £865 £2,596 £4,672

* Our costs table should be used as a guide only. As we do not know your collection or destination address, or how much you plan to ship, these costs do not include the following charges: UK collection, onward delivery from the port in Singapore to your new home, professional packing and loading costs.

For a bespoke quote on your international removal to Singapore, contact a member of our team or request a free quote.

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What Are My Shipping Options?

Your Shipping Options for Removals to Singapore

Whether it's a full house move or just a few tables and chairs, we've got you covered. Our unique packing ensure that whatever your method of shipment, your personal belongings, furniture and household goods will be given the best protection in transit from the UK.

Loading a Shared Container with 1st Move Pallets

Shared Container Shipping to Singapore

Ideal for smaller shipments to Singapore that don't require the use of a full container. This is the most popular and cost effective solution for international removals to Singapore as it allows our customers to only pay for the exact space required for their shipment and provides the benefits of our unique packing which include faster weekly shipping and better protection for your belongings.

More About Shared Container Shipping
Loading a Full Container with 1st Move Pallets

Full Container Shipping to Singapore

For those bigger international moves to Singapore, we offer dedicated 20ft and 40ft containers exclusively for your household goods. To give you an idea of what this might look like, a standard 3-bedroom house is normally shipped to Singapore direct from your home inside a 20ft container. The contents of a 4 or 5-bed house would normally require a 40ft shipping container and we can offer door to door services from anywhere in the UK.

More About Full Container Shipping

Our weekly container shipping services encompass the globe with scheduled weekly shipping to over 144 countries including USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Middle East.

Wherever you are in the UK and wherever you are moving overseas, 1st Move's international removals services offer bespoke packing and fast, weekly sailings direct from the UK.

A view of Singapore city with Gardens of the Bay seen after moving overseas to Singapore

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A view of Singapore city with Gardens of the Bay seen after moving overseas to Singapore
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Our Unique Packing

How We Pack For Your Move to Singapore

You can be assured of a safe and secure house move with our specialised shrink fast packing systems, you can even watch the video below and see how we ensure your personal effects get the first class treatment when moving to Singapore.

We want to ensure that your move is stress-free before, during, and after, so we use one of the safest packing methods available. If you have any questions or concerns, our knowledgeable staff will gladly respond and walk you through the entire process. You will be assigned a personal move manager who will handle your international removals to Singapore and will be there with you every step of the way.

Transit Times

How Long Does it Take to Move to Singapore?

Due to our connections with international export companies, 1st Move International have access to shipments leaving the UK for Singapore and other nations each week. Whether you need a full 40ft container for full family moves or just a small pallet, your shipment can leave the UK in under 7 days.

The typical port-to-port transit times from the UK to Singapore is 26 days. Find more information on our Singapore container shipping schedule.


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Frequently Asked Questions

UK to Singapore Removals FAQ

There are some items that are restricted, and these are known in Singapore as Controlled Items. These can require import permits, or further inspection by Customs before they are released. These include;

  • Medicines/Pharmaceuticals
  • Poisons
  • Plants
  • Alcohol and Tobacco products
  • Films, Videotapes etc
  • Newspapers, books and magazines

Please see our Singapore Customs Guide for full information on prohibited and restricted items.

We require the following documents to ship your personal belongings to Singapore:

  • Employment Pass
  • National Registration Identity Card
  • Re-Entry Permit
  • Proof of Employment Outside Singapore
  • Packing Inventory
  • Bill of Lading
  • Passport

All documents and forms can be securely uploaded via our document transfer page.

Please see our detailed customs guide for personal effects shipping to Singapore for more information on documents and procedures for shipping personal effects to Singapore.

Yes, our experienced team provide full assistance with customs clearance and documentation for your move to Singapore. Our service includes preparing all the necessary paperwork and ensuring that your shipment complies with all regulations.

Yes! We provide a tracking service for all our international removals. Once your shipment is on its way to Singapore, you'll receive a tracking number. This will allow you to monitor the progress of your shipment online using our container tracking tool and stay informed about its estimated arrival time.

Yes, you can ship your car to Singapore using Autoshippers.


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Singapore Container Shipping Schedules

We post up-to-date sailing schedule information and as part of our weekly shipping promise we'll tell you in advance what ship we can get your personal effects on.

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Your life, carefully wrapped, beautifully packed, and protected for the journey ahead.

We are extremely proud of our unique packing process. We are the only international removals company in the UK that uses this tried and tested method to ship your treasured personal possessions overseas.

Visit our Facebook page to find a snapshot of each shipment captured as the final pallet is wrapped.