Key Information - Qatar

  • Border status - From 8 June 2021, flights to Qatar from the UK are permitted from the following airports only: Heathrow, Manchester & Edinburgh.
  • Average shipping cost - £1,068
  • Average transit time - 23 days
  • Population - 2.88 Million (2020)
  • Most common language - Arabic
  • Climate - Qatar has a mainly desert climate experiencing long and hot summers where the temperature can exceed 45 degrees. Winters are milder and winds can produce sand storms quickly.
  • Currency - Qatari Riyal

How Much Does It Cost to Ship to Qatar?

We aim to make the process of moving your belongings to a new country as easy and stress-free as possible. That starts with an easy to follow and affordable pricing structure to enable you to reach your destination on time and on budget.

We accurately measure each pallet we pack to calculate the volume of space needed on each shipment for precise billing. You will only ever pay for the space you use and not a penny more.

Short Answer: The cost of international removals from the UK to Qatar starts from £1,068 for a shared container service, £2,222 for a 3 bed house and £2,753 for a 4 or 5 bed house. The UK to Qatar port-to-port shipping charge will ultimately depend on your move size and final location in Qatar.

International Removals Costs UK to Qatar

Destination Port Shared Container Cost (GBP) 3 Bed House - 20ft Container Cost (GBP) 4-5 Bed House - 40ft Container Cost (GBP)
Hamad From £1,068 £2,222 £2,753

* Our costs table should be used as a guide only. As we do not know your collection or destination address, or how much you plan to ship, these costs do not include the following charges: UK collection, onward delivery from the port in Qatar to your new home, professional packing and loading costs.

For a fully bespoke quote on your international removal to Qatar, contact a member of our team or complete our quote form. Start your journey to Qatar, today.

How Long Does it Take to Move to Qatar?

Due to our connections with some of the largest international export companies, 1st Move International have access to shipments leaving the UK for Qatar and other nations each week. Whether you need a full 40ft container or just a small pallet, your shipment can leave the UK in under 7 days.

Port to port shipping to Qatar typically takes 23 days depending on the ports used and the final destination of your shipment.

For more detailed shipping schedules please see our Qatar sailing schedules here.

Why Ship to Qatar with 1st Move International?

At 1st Move International, we have taken steps to ensure the safety of both our staff and customers and we continue to remain open and committed to providing shipping to Qatar during the pandemic, as per government regulations and guidelines from the British Association of Removers.

Container ship sailing fast

Faster Weekly Shipping Service

No waiting to fill our containers. We have pre-booked container slots sharing space with commercial exporters so we can ship weekly with the world's premier shipping lines.

Covid Safe Packing Badge
Packed pallets lined up

Better Protection For Your Move

Palletised removals for a safer move overseas. Our shrink-wrap packing stops the handling of individual items. This reduces the risks of damage, mix-ups and improves the security & protection of your goods.

Pallets being measured

Measured Exactly for Accurate Billing

When it comes to shipping, size matters. Moving costs are determined by the total volume of your shipment. After packing, our pallets can be measured exactly to ensure clear and accurate billing for your move abroad.

Unique COVID Safe Packing

Our packing procedures offer a COVID-safe method of shipping your belongings to Qatar, protecting your goods from unnecessary handling and isolating them from the outside world until arrival at your new door.

Rather than simply shipping items loosely in a container, we combine the contents of your move onto individual pallets and shrink-wrap each pallet to prevent any handling of individual items and to provide a shield against the outside world.

Learn more about zero-touch packing with 1st Move International.

Our Price Guarantee

We easily and accurately measure the size of your move to the volume of space your pallet will take up during shipment. This removes the guesswork and ensures that you only pay for what you are shipping to Qatar. Not any excess space or overcharges, exactly what you use.

Learn more about our smarter pricing.

Weekly Shipping

Unlike other movers, we can guarantee regular weekly shipments direct to Qatar from the UK. Once your belongings are packed we will immediately schedule for the next available weekly sailing, meaning no waiting around. We also offer container tracking so that you can feel reassured every step of the way.

Fully Insured Shipping to Qatar

Thanks to the reduced handling and improved protection that our packing offers, we have some of the lowest insurance claims on record. We provide full coverage insurance for our international removals across the globe. Read more about our international removals insurance.

Over 25 Years International Removal Experience

We've been in the international removals industry for over 25 years and our team of experts have helped with countless removals to Qatar, the UAE and numerous other locations across the world. Our team will be on hand at every step of the process and can offer advice should you have any questions along the way.

Ready To Move To Qatar?

For more information on fill in our online international removal quote form and your quotation will be sent via email within 24 hours. If you’d like to ask a question right away, visit our contact page or call us on 0800 3890784if you need any help or advice.

We offer next day collection services from these UK locations and you can book your move easily online here:

If you are moving to Qatar in the near future take a look at our guide for Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Qatar.

Your Pallets Packed - Posted Live on Facebook

Your life, carefully wrapped, beautifully packed, and protected for the journey ahead.

We are extremely proud of our unique packing process. We are the only international removals company in the UK that uses this tried and tested method to ship your treasured personal possessions overseas.

This is our craft - lives packed with care and attention for their journey overseas. Visit our Facebook page to find a snapshot of each shipment captured as the final pallet is wrapped.

We're proud to post these images, showcasing our removals team's passion and skill. Your personal effects are in the very best hands and are now destined for new adventures abroad.

Come and have a look.