How Much Does It Really Cost to Move to America From the UK in 2024?

How much does it cost to move from the UK to the USA?

If the allure of the American Dream is calling you across the Atlantic, one of the most important things you’ll need to know is how much it will will cost you to move from the UK to the USA in 2024.

From Visas application fees, flight tickets and shipping your belongings, costs can quickly add up.

In this guide, we will cover exactly how much you should expect to pay to move from the UK to the USA so that you can budget accordingly.

How Much Does it Cost to Move From the UK to America?

For individuals and families alike, prepare to spend $13,000 (USD) to $30,000 (USD) or more for your relocation to the United States, depending on your exact circumstances.

Here’s a breakdown of the costs to move the America in 2024:

  • Visa Application & Processing
    • Depending on the type of Visa, processing fees for Non-Immigrant Visas are $185 to $315. Immigrant Visa processing fees are $205 to $345.
    • Some types of Visas require an Immigrant Petition which costs an additional $535 to $775 to file.
  • Medical Examination / Immigration PhysicalAll visa applicants must undergo a medical exam. This costs between $200 and $480, depending on your age.
  • Skills Assessment – Depending on the type of Visa, you may need a skills assessment. Expect to pay between $125-$380 or more, depending on the complexity of the assessment.
  • Immigration Attorney Fees – If required, the cost for an Immigration Attorney is in the range of $1,500 – $3,000 for simple cases. More complex cases may cost more (upwards of $5,000). Learn more about immigration lawyer costs.
  • Document Authentication and Notarization – Some documents may require notarization or authentication which typically costs $50.
  • Flights – For a one-way flight from the UK to the USA, expect to pay around $600+ in 2024, depending on your exact destination and time of year.
  • Shipping your belongings – Costs heavily depend on the volume that you are shipping. For an average 3 bed house, expect to pay $6,000 – $12,000+ for removals from the UK to the USA in a full container. Get a bespoke quote here or check out our international removals to the USA service for more information.
  • Pet Shipping – If you have a pet that you would like to take with you, pet transport services to the USA are available and range from $1700 – $8200 depending on a variety of factors.
  • Security Deposits and First Month’s Rent – Landlords in the US often require this upfront. For a 1 bedroom apartment at $1,500 per month, you should expect to pay $1,500 (first month’s rent) plus the security deposit which can range from $1,500 – $3,000.
  • Utilities – You will likely need to place a deposit when setting up basic utilities such as electricity, gas and internet, especially as you are new to the country and do not have a US credit history. This deposit is typically two months of the billed service. You should expect to pay $315 – $1000 or higher, depending on you circumstances (family size, usage etc.)
  • Healthcare – In the US, healthcare costs significantly surpass those in the UK, where the NHS covers most services for free. For example, a routine doctor’s visit in the US can cost $150-$300 out-of-pocket, compared to being free under the NHS. Health insurance premiums in the US vary widely but can average between $450-$500 per month for an individual, with family plans costing more. You can find out more about US healthcare here.
  • Car Shipping – Did you know, you can ship a car from the UK to the USA duty free as long as it’s over 25 years of age. You can find out more about the US 25 year rule here. Shipping costs around $1,100.
  • Driving Licence – The good news is in the short term you can drive for up to 3 months with your UK driving licence. If you plan to become a US resident then you will need to obtain a drivers licence. The process varies from state to state but generally involves passing a written knowledge test. Some states may waive the road test if you already hold a full UK driving licence. Expect to pay for a written or online test from $50.00 and then a licence fee which depends on which state you are resident in. You can find more information on each USA states driving requirements and apply for a state licence here.

Adding it all up, you should expect to pay between $13,000 and $30,000 to move from the UK to the USA in 2024. The final cost will depend on factors outlined above such whether you are an individual or a family and the size of your move.

While this upfront cost to move to America may seem large, the cost should be viewed as an investment in you and your family’s future. Life in the United States may offer many benefits to areas such as your quality of life or career prospects.

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As a quick aside, here is a brief look at the average annual salaries in various U.S. States:

  • Northeast: $65,383
  • West: $60,579
  • Midwest: $56,114
  • South: $54,718

Some states have significantly higher average salaries, such as California at $73,000 and Massachusetts at $76,000. See more U.S. salary information here on Forbes.

While salaries are undoubtably higher in the USA compared to the UK, be sure to research salaries in your specific field and desired location. Also bear in mind that the cost of living in the U.S. is also higher than the UK which may eat into the difference slightly.

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Beyond the tangible benefits of higher income potentials and improved living standards, it’s about the personal growth that comes with embracing a new culture and environment. The American Dream is very much alive for those who are prepared to embark on this journey with open eyes and a well-thought-out budget.

Our role at 1st Move International is the ease the transition for you and your family by providing comprehensive removals and relocation services to ensure that your move is fast, safe and seamless. From unbeatable packing to customs formalities, shipping to insurance, we handle every detail so you can focus on the exciting opportunities ahead.

And while the process of moving to the USA involves navigating various costs and administrative hurdles, consider it a stepping stone towards achieving a better live overseas. With the right expectations and a solid budget, the financial commitment involved will pave the way for a fulfilling life for you and your family in one of the world’s most developed countries.

When you are finally ready to make the move to the States, contact us at 1st Move International for professional overseas removals services. We are experts in removals to America and offer a complete door-to-door service. Simply request a free quote here or get in touch with us today.

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