Healthcare in Cyprus

The healthcare system in Cyprus is inexpensive and functions well, giving expats living there security in the system.

In Cyprus, there is both a public and private sector for healthcare. There are private and public hospitals in all of Cyprus’ major cities, and in general, the hospitals on the south of the island are considered to offer superior treatment to the hospitals on the Turkish-occupied north side of the island. EU Nationals living in the north of the island will also need private health insurance, while expats on the south of the island are eligible for free health insurance.

Communication Issues

The staff working in Cyprus’ healthcare facilities have often completed their training abroad, and therefore usually speak reasonably good English. If a particular doctor does not, it is more than likely that another member of staff will be able to successfully translate. Difficulties in communication may arise when a doctor tries to explain the intricacies of certain treatment options and medications. Therefore, when you visit the doctor, try to be clear and explain as simply as possible what you may feel is wrong. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions or ask your doctor to repeat something you didn’t understand. It may also be a good idea to have your doctor write down anything that is not clear to you, so you can translate later.


The private healthcare sector in Cyprus is relatively affordable compared to private pricing in other Western countries, and public sector healthcare is very cheap, and sometimes even free for EU Citizens. Your EU passport may be required for identification purposes in these cases. Emergency medical care is free to all citizens and expats alike, but in situations of in- and out- patient care, there is likely to be some kind of fee for treatment.

EU nationals moving to Cyprus should also make sure they are in possession of a European Health Insurance Card, which will let them access Cyprus’ public healthcare sector. This card will also cover EU citizens for the treatment of any pre-existing conditions they may have had before coming to Cyprus, and also for routine maternity care. However, you will not be covered if the reason for your visit to Cyprus is for the primary reason of giving birth.

Overall, expats in Cyprus can be confident in a good system that treats patients well, and will be there to assist them in any times of need.