Moving To Australia – Dealing with the Nerves

There may be a multitude of reasons why you are leaving the United Kingdom for the sunny shores of Australia. These could be economic, family or relationship, work and career, better lifestyle or simply an adventure. However, anyone who has ever emigrated will say the same thing – pre-move nerves can hit you at any time.

Being nervous about doing something, especially immigrating to Australia is a sure sign that you still have your head screwed on. Is moving abroad scary? Yes. Is it an adventure? Yes. Are you right to try to justify any second thoughts about moving? Yes of course you are, it’s natural, you are simply going through the process of eradicating doubt about your motives and making sure all is in check.

Moving to the other side of the world will have a variety of different impacts depending on whether you are doing so as a single person, emigrating with a partner or wife or probably the most nervous situation of them all, emigrating with children in tow. Each situation will create its own set of nerves and you need to prepare for when that time arrives.

Many people have delusions before they take steps to move to another country, they believe society is much different to the UK which isn’t so true. Lifestyle variances aside, there’s still crime, taxes, health insurance, work difficulties and relationship troubles. Societies are pretty much the same the world over these days.

So why might you get nervous about moving to Australia? You will be leaving family and friends behind. The safety net after financial failure is vastly removed when you depart the UK. There will also be concerns about being lonely after the initial move and losing the neighbourly support network that you have been used to. Even knowing the shop staff helps sometimes.

A useful idea is to write a list to remind yourself why you are immigrating to Australia. The list could contain the silly to the serious, remember when writing these notes that they will be required at a time when you’re having serious doubts about leaving, so a little humour will help. One easy way is to devise a pro con list online.

The internet enables communities to exist even if all within that community do not reside in the same place. If you’re moving to an area why not land in their community virtually before you arrive physically?

Join an expat forum, dive in and say hello. While many are looking to escape fellow countrymen, there’s no harm in asking the opinions of the great many who have experienced what you’re about to go through and have succeeded. Why not take a look at, ask as many questions as you like, there’s always someone out there who can help.

Remember, even though you’re leaving your friends and family behind, you can still turn to them for reassurance and a helping hand. Talk issues and concerns through with them, all of this helps to battle any nerves you may collect on the way.