Francophone Expats Look Forward to Canadian Future Support

The issue raised by Francophone immigration has recently been the topic of interest within the Canadian cabinet. The French speaking community has been in talks with the Canadian Immigration Minister and the impetus behind these meetings has been the possible ways that the government can provide support for the Francophone expats in Canada.

Provinces and Territories

Concentrating on integration issues, Canada’s Immigration Minister said that he would progress talks on how his cabinet would be able to crank up the support with regards to making Francophone immigrants feel more comfortable when making the considerable move to Canadian shores. Provinces and Territories are now being targeted in order to allow the new immigrants an easier transition period. Employers and existing communities are being spoken to with regards the existing difficulties faced by new arrivals from French speaking countries. Two local organisations in the Winnipeg area already have services and programs in place to make new Francophones feel at home and these also have a positive effect on when they enter the Canadian job arena.

Investment into Immigration

Some considerable financial investment is also being injected into the immigration cause with around CAD$29.4 million being put aside for this cause. The ‘Roadmap or Canada’s Official Languages 2013-2018’ is the official name given to the Official Language Minority’s flagship program and it is hoped that this will help to increase the number of French speaking immigrants that decide to make the move to Canada in the future.

Moving to Canada or any country that speaks a different national language is always going to be a somewhat daunting prospect, just ask the 3,685 Francophone minority immigrants who entered Canada in 2012. Hopefully the next wave will have less of an issue thanks to these efforts that are currently being put into place.