New Zealand coins

Why Expats in New Zealand are Feeling the Squeeze

After nearly a decade struggling with a fluctuating and often failing native currency, British expatriates retired in New Zealand may finally be recovering, but the majority are still left wondering: will it last? Unfortunately,...
Australian Soldier

Kiwis Find a Way to Serve in Australian Defence Force

The Australian Defence Force only allows permanent residents of Australia to serve in its army, but now some New Zealanders have found a way around this law in the form of a small loophole...
Tauranga Bay

Tauranga Property Market On the Rise

Homes in New Zealand's Tauranga area have recently seen a 4% increase in their value, and it is believed that a major contributing factor to this is from expats returning to their native Tauranga,...
Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand Government Incentives to work outside of Auckland

New Zealand is rapidly becoming a victim of its own popularity. The local Expat Forum recently recorded that the government is introducing plans to encourage immigrants to settle in other parts of the country other than...
Hong Kong Protests

Hong Kong Expat Supports Protesters

A New Zealand based Hong Kong expat has vocalised his support for the demonstrations and protests in his homeland, saying he empathises with the protesters. Supporting Pro-Democracy With a large part of his heart still very...
Happy family

New Zealand Ranked Most Family Friendly Nation for Expats

Are you a parent worried about the quality of life your children are enjoying? If so, moving to New Zealand could be the best thing for your family, a newly-released study shows. The HSBC Expat...
Property prices

New Zealand house prices to soar due to immigration increase

Those of us who are thinking seriously about relocating to New Zealand had better prepare for a rather sharp price raise in real estate. New Zealand has always been a popular destination for expats around the...
Student loan debt

NZ Students Warned Over Debts

Australian students who have made the move to New Zealand and have incurred debts from student loans are being warned that they could face a possible arrest on return to their homeland. Tougher Laws Passed As a result...
Christchurch trams

More and More People Now Staying Put in Christchurch

Ever since a devastating earthquake struck the city in February 2010, local Christchurch authorities feared the worst. Experts at the ANZ national bank estimated that the disaster could drive away as much as 10...
New Zealand Healthcare

Moving to New Zealand Can Benefit Your Health

Last month, the West End actor Michael Crawford talked about how moving to New Zealand helped him deal with his chronic fatigue syndrome. The Phantom of the Opera star made the decision to move thousands of miles...

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