The Best International Removals Company?

Moving overseas can appear a daunting process. With careful consideration of your own personal needs, how do you decide which is the best international removals company for you?

The process of choosing the right international removals company for you can be split into various categories, each one with its own benefits and costs. We have broken down these processes to help you choose which is best for you.

  • Trade Memberships.
  • Your location in the UK.
  • Professional Packing.
  • Where are you going?
  • What is your budget?
  • Shipping and transit insurance.
  • Insurance Costs.
  • Destination Services.

Trade Memberships

When trying to decide the best international moving company for you, you should first and foremost make sure your chosen mover is a member of an accredited association. The main association for UK moving companies is the BAR (British Association of Removers).

Members must adhere to a strict code of practice, be financially sound and their business will be subject to an annual audit and inspection to ensure they have the professionalism and resources to ship your goods in a safe and professional manner.

Look for the BAR logo on your moving companies website or check on the BAR website here.

Your Location in the UK

Wherever you live in the UK, a reputable mover should be able to collect and pack your goods within 3 to 5 days from your initial request. During the busy periods between May and September, it is better to plan ahead and give your mover a little time to meet your moving day requirements. Many movers offer discounts if you book your move early. This helps them better plan their resources ahead of time, saving them money which can be passed to you.

Professional Packing

All BAR members offer professional packing services. You can save a considerable amount of money if you choose to do your own packing. Please remember that anything you pack yourself can only be insured for loss and theft as the moving company cannot cover you for damage to goods they haven’t seen.

Large furniture items can be expensive to ship as your moving costs will be based on the volume or size of the goods you ship. Think twice about shipping that old armchair or double bed, it is often cheaper to replace these on arrival.

Where Are You Going?

European destinations are obviously cheaper to ship to than those faraway places. Research your mover online. If they have specific destination pages for your country then you can be sure they offer services to those destinations.

If you are moving to places like Australia, New Zealand or the USA check your moving company’s website to see if they have specific pages for those destinations.

What is Your Budget? Money Saving Tips

If you are only shipping a few boxes then you should consider small parcel services like DHL or UPS. If you are shipping more than 20 boxes then you will need to use the services of a BAR approved International Removals Company. Costs for shipping are based on the size and final packed volume of your goods, what insurance you take out and where your final destination is.

You can save money by reducing the size of your shipment. Declutter unnecessary items and consider if you need those large plastic toys, bed, sofas or armchairs. If possible you should try and pack as many of the smaller items you can. Packing costs money and time for the mover and they will be happy if you choose to pack all or any of your items. For insurance reasons, you should always let your mover pack large, fragile or expensive items.

Ask your mover for Free Boxes. Most reputable movers will deliver boxes and bubble wrap to you before the move. Free of Charge! This saves them time and resources on moving day.

Insurance Costs

It is not necessary to insure everything you ship. Consider not insuring hardwearing goods, plastic toys, garden implements…the choice is entirely up to you what is important, valuable or fragile.

Remember, anything you pack yourself is not insured for breakage, only loss or theft and cases of loss or theft are extremely rare in the moving business. Always insure furniture and expensive electrical items.

Destination Services On a budget?

“Deep sea destinations” is the trade term for those faraway places which require shipping in a container. When sharing a container with other customers, your personal effects will have to be “Devanned” and customs cleared.

In most countries, you can arrange customs clearance directly with the appropriate agencies. This will save you money from customs paperwork fees charged by the destination agent.

Ask your mover if this can be done BEFORE, you leave the UK.

Is the service Door to Door or Depot only?

You can save money on delivery charges at destination by collection your own goods from the warehouse. Most movers are happy to give you a price to the nearest depot to your home, this will give you an option to arrange local deliver yourself against using the local agents for home delivery.

And finally…. Always try and get 3 quotes directly from reputable BAR members and once you have received your quote ask them when it will leave the UK.

Many movers only ship goods when they have filled a container so it is important to ask exactly when your goods will leave the UK. Not how long it takes to get there! Ask when the ship will be leaving and get the name and sailing date of the ship. Simply great movers ship weekly, check before you book.