Malaga - International removals to Spain - Spain Moving Guide - 1st Move International

Moving to Spain – A Guide for Expats

Whilst we don't cover Spain as part of our international removals services, we still thought a guide on moving to Spain would...
Al-Masjid Al-Haram, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

How to Stay Safe When Living in Saudi Arabia

Images of Saudi Arabia evoke desert landscapes, oil-based wealth, the birthplace of Islam and the home of the holy Mecca site.
Packing boxes with inventory list

What You Need to Ship Your Belongings Abroad

So you’re moving abroad, you have an opportunity, your visa is sorted and you’ve booked your ticket. But how on earth will...
Moving to the USA - New York Skyline

Cost of Living: New York, USA

The land of the free and home of the brave, the US offers variety, colour, energy and multicultural living. There’s nowhere this...
Moving to Dubai, UAE

Shipping to Dubai: What You Can and Can’t Bring

You’re standing on the precipice of your old life, about to take a giant leap into your new beginning. It’s exciting; it’s...
Expat Pensions in the US

British Expat Pensions in the US

If you are currently receiving a UK pension and want to know how to move from the UK to the USA or...
Buying Property Abroad - International Removals

Top 10 Tips for Buying Property Abroad

The chances are that while on a relaxing holiday in the sunshine, perhaps after a lazy al fresco lunch, you’ve been struck...
New Zealand Landscape - shipping to New Zealand

Shipping to New Zealand: What You Can and Can’t Bring

With its high quality of life, excellent education system, and incredible, diverse landscapes, it’s no wonder thousands of British ex-pats move to...
Toronto, Canada - Safety in Canada - Moving to Canada

Staying Safe in Canada as an Expat

It is the Great White North, famous for Mounties, maple syrup and people so polite they probably apologise more than the British.
US Flag - Shipping to the USA - Restricted Items - Moving to the USA

Shipping to The USA: What You Can and Can’t Bring

Moving to the USA is a bold decision full of possibilities and excitement. It’s the land of opportunity, with more than 60...
10 easiest places to move to

10 Easiest Countries to Move To

Moving to another country is one of the best ways to explore the world, immerse yourself in a different culture and perhaps...
How to Open a Bank Account in New Zealand - Banking in New Zealand Cover Image

How to Open a New Zealand Bank Account

Life in New Zealand might appear to be all sweeping mountain views, clear rivers and adventurous activities, but the country hosts a...
Shipping to Australia - Restricted Items - Sydney Opera House

Shipping to Australia: What You Can and Can’t Bring

Australia boasts a high quality of life, unparalleled natural beauty, and an excellent climate, making it a popular place for British expats...
Best places to retire abroad

The Best Places to Retire From the UK

What should you consider when thinking about the best country to retire to in the world? The cost of living will undoubtedly...
Singapore cost of living - Singapore Skyline - Moving to Singapore

Cost of Living – Moving to Singapore

Singapore often sits near the very top of cost-of-living lists, but that shouldn’t put any expat off. High salaries, some of the...
Shipping to Canada - Restricted Items - Canada Landscape

Shipping to Canada: What You Can and Can’t Bring

With its friendly people, gorgeous landscapes, and all the maple syrup you can eat, it’s no wonder you’ve decided to undertake international...