International Removals to Miami

If moving from the UK to Miami's tropical shores calls your name, our decades of overseas expertise can make it happen smoothly. Having assisted countless Brits with transatlantic moves, we know how to simplify your journey to the Magic City.

We'll manage shipping and customs logistics so you can quickly embrace Miami's beachfront lifestyle. Our trusted global partners facilitate door-to-door delivery whether you're moving a few bags or an entire household.

With personalised care and customs know-how, we handle the details - insurance, packing, customas clearance - to reduce your stress. Let us clear the path so you can dive into Miami's mix of glamour, culture and sun. With our guidance, international removals to Miami, Florida from the UK will feel seamless.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Miami, Florida?

International Removals & Shipping Costs UK to Miami

Short Answer: Shipping costs for international removals to Miami start from £1,298 for small shipments, £8,276 for a three bed house move in a 20ft container and £9,619 for a 4-5 bed house move in a 40ft container. These are shipping costs only as the final price ultimately depends on the total volume of your shipment, collection/delivery, packing costs and insurance.

Due to the variables in estimating removals costs, we are unable to provide estimates that include collection/delivery, insurance, packing etc. without further information about your move. Please request a free quote here on our website to receive a full quote that includes all of these costs, based on the information that you provide.

How Long Does it Take to Ship to Miami?

Shipping Times from the UK to Miami, Florida

The average port to port transit time from London to Miami is 14 days. Sailings are on our weekly consolidated container services from the UK.

Check out our USA container shipping schedule for more detailed information.

Why Choose 1st Move?

Container ship sailing fast

Faster Weekly Shipping Service

No waiting to fill our containers. We have pre-booked container slots sharing space with commercial exporters so we can ship weekly with the world's premier shipping lines.

Packed pallets lined up

Better Protection For Your Move

Palletised international removals for a safer move overseas. Our shrink-wrap packing stops the handling of individual items. This reduces the risks of damage, mix-ups and improves the security & protection of your goods.

Pallets being measured

Measured Exactly for Accurate Billing

When it comes to shipping, size matters. Moving costs are determined by the total volume of your shipment. After packing, our pallets can be measured exactly to ensure clear and accurate billing for your move abroad.

With our decades of international removals expertise, we make relocating to Miami easy.

From start to finish, our specialists manage logistics like customs, shipping, and packing so you can dive into the Miami lifestyle. We utilise secure shrink-wrap and pallet packing to keep your belongings safe.

Our weekly shipments mean you won't wait months for space like with traditional overseas movers. We've assisted countless UK moves to Florida and know how to simplify the journey.

Want to make the Miami move? Get your free quote today and let our decades of experience guide you to an easy transition. The tropical shores of South Beach await!

Top Reasons Brits are Moving to Miami, Florida

Affordable Housing Market

Outside luxury penthouses and waterfront mansions, Miami offers relatively affordable homes, especially for families. Suburbs like Kendall and Doral provide spacious 3-4 bedroom homes starting under £500k. Compared to the million-pound price tags in British cities, Miami property is a steal. House price to Income Ratio is 5.98 compared to 15.99 in London. Similarly, Mortgage as a percentage of income in Miami is 50.88% compared to 134.50% in London!

Thriving Job Market

With tech startups, tourism and healthcare thriving, Miami offers abundant job opportunities. Major global firms are hiring British professionals, especially in finance, tech and legal services. Miami's multiculturalism also powers international business growth. Consider transferring within your company or trying something new.

Gateway to Latin America

As the "Capital of Latin America", Miami provides a strategic foothold for Brits looking to tap growing markets across the region. The business friendly city serves as a prime hub for UK companies targeting trade and investment in South America. Miami also hosts one of the largest expat communities.

Year-Round Outdoor Lifestyle

Say goodbye to long, dreary British winters! Miami life is defined by sunshine, beaches and outdoor activity year-round. Relax on golden sands, cruise Biscayne Bay or enjoy water sports and fishing. Palm-tree lined streets and al fresco dining make everyday feel like a holiday.

Laidback Lifestyle

The slower pace embraces relaxation and quality time with family versus always rushing about. Long lunches on patios, sunset strolls on the beach, leisurely mornings sipping café con leche - Miami life favours taking it easy. The friendly Latino culture also helps you unwind.

Lower Taxes

Florida's lack of state income tax and lower sales, property and inheritance taxes keep more money in your pocket. The UK's 20% VAT on goods also packs a punch compared to Florida's 6% sales tax. Keep your hard-earned cash versus handing it over.

Access to Top Schools

Miami is home to many esteemed private and charter schools, appealing to British parents. Education competes with top UK public schools but with sunny backdrops.

Helpful Resources for Moving to Miami

Your Pallets Packed - Posted Live on Facebook

Your life, carefully wrapped, beautifully packed, and protected for the journey ahead.

We are extremely proud of our unique packing process. We are one of the only international movers in the UK that uses this tried and tested method to ship your treasured personal possessions overseas.

This is our craft - lives packed with care and attention for their journey overseas. Visit our Facebook page to find a snapshot of each shipment captured as the final pallet is wrapped.

We're proud to post these images, showcasing our removals team's passion and skill. Your personal effects are in the very best hands and are now destined for new adventures abroad.

Come and have a look.