International Shipping UK to New Zealand

On this page, you will find details of our current international container shipping schedules for our house removals services to New Zealand.

Fast week international container shipping to New Zealand. Container sailing schedules

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Shipping Times to New Zealand

Planning a move to New Zealand? Get dates and port to port transit times for each vessel departing from the UK.

Short Answer: Typically the port to port transit times to New Zealand are between 39 to 41 days, however this can vary depending on your destination port. For more detailed times for each port/vessel please see our table below.

How Long Does it Take to Ship Personal Effects from the UK to New Zealand?

Destination Vessel Name Last Moving Date to Meet Vessel Sailing Date Port to Port Transit Time
Auckland Hyundai St Petersburg 29/01/2021 08/02/2021 39
Al Muraykh 05/02/2021 15/02/2021 39
Hyundai Gdansk 12/02/2021 22/02/2021 39
Hyundai Rotterdam 19/02/2021 01/03/2021 39
Lyttleton / Christchurch Hyundai St Petersburg 29/01/2021 08/02/2021 41
Al Muraykh 05/02/2021 15/02/2021 41
Hyundai Gdansk 12/02/2021 22/02/2021 41
Hyundai Rotterdam 19/02/2021 01/03/2021 41
Wellington Hyundai St Petersburg 29/01/2021 08/02/2021 40
Al Muraykh 05/02/2021 15/02/2021 40
Hyundai Gdansk 12/02/2021 22/02/2021 40
Hyundai Rotterdam 19/02/2021 01/03/2021 40