International Removals to New York

If you're planning an overseas move from the UK to New York, expert international removals and shipping services are key. With so many details to coordinate for your transatlantic journey, you'll want an experienced partner to ensure your household goods and personal effects arrive safely.

As one of the UK’s top international removals companies handling UK to New York moves, we make it easy. For 25 years, we've helped individuals, families and businesses smoothly transition from the UK to the Big Apple.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to New York?

International Removals & Shipping Costs UK to New York

Short Answer: The cost of removals from the UK to New York depends on a number of factors such as the volume of your shipment, collection/delivery address and type of service. For a rough idea, shipping costs for a 3 bed house to New York will cost roughly £7,757.

Due to the many variables in estimating removals costs, we are unable to provide estimates that include collection/delivery, insurance, packing etc. without further information about your move. Please request a free quote here on our website to receive a full quote that includes all of these costs, based on the information that you provide.

How Long Does it Take to Ship to New York?

Shipping Times from the UK to New York

The average port to port transit time from London to New York is 12 days. Sailings are on our weekly consolidated container services from the UK.

Why Choose 1st Move?

Container ship sailing fast

Faster Weekly Shipping Service

No waiting to fill our containers. We have pre-booked container slots sharing space with commercial exporters so we can ship weekly with the world's premier shipping lines.

Packed pallets lined up

Better Protection For Your Move

Palletised international removals for a safer move overseas. Our shrink-wrap packing stops the handling of individual items. This reduces the risks of damage, mix-ups and improves the security & protection of your goods.

Pallets being measured

Measured Exactly for Accurate Billing

When it comes to shipping, size matters. Moving costs are determined by the total volume of your shipment. After packing, our pallets can be measured exactly to ensure clear and accurate billing for your move abroad.

Our New York moving planners tailor the process specifically to your needs - whether it's a small studio flat or 10-bedroom estate. We handle all logistics, packing, shipping, and customs formalities so your international move is hassle-free.

Let us handle the stress of international removals and shipping so you can focus on settling into your new Big Apple life. With personalised care every step of the way, we make moving overseas from the UK to New York simple.

Ready to get a free quote for your upcoming relocation from the UK to New York? Our removal specialists are standing by to help you. Contact us today to get started.

Top Reasons Brits are Moving to New York

Career Opportunities

New York is a global hub for business, finance, media, technology, fashion and more. Major companies like JP Morgan, Citigroup, Time Warner and Estée Lauder are headquartered in NYC along with thousands of startups. No matter your industry, you'll find abundant job openings and potential to climb the career ladder in New York. The diverse job market provides options for all skill levels from entry-level positions to executive roles.

Higher Salaries

Salaries in New York City are significantly higher compared to the UK. Even accounting for the higher cost of living, disposable income is greater. The average New York salary is around $74,870 USD compared to £39,071 GBP in London. Higher wages allow for a more comfortable lifestyle and ability to enjoy the city's amenities.

World-Class Culture

From Broadway theatre to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York's world-renowned arts and culture scene is unmatched. As a global capital, NYC attracts talented performers, artists and chefs. There are over 1,200 music, theatre and dance performances daily. You can dine at Michelin-starred restaurants and visit museums housing iconic works. Culture vultures will be stimulated by the endless entertainment options.

Diversity and Inclusion

New York is one of the most diverse cities in the world with over 200 nationalities represented. Nearly 40% of residents are foreign-born. The city celebrates multiculturalism through events like the NYC Pride March and Caribbean Carnival. Most neighborhoods are a mix of ethnicities. The tolerant attitude makes NYC welcoming to people of all backgrounds.

Exciting Lifestyle

New York truly is the city that never sleeps. There are events and activity options 24 hours a day. From Broadway shows to basement jazz clubs, rooftop bars to underground speakeasies, you'll never get bored. The energy and pace of life is fast and exhilarating. From your doorstep, you can experience world-class entertainment, dining, shopping and nightlife.

Abundant Amenities

New York has everything you could want or need within reach. Shopping ranges from luxury flagships on 5th Avenue to vintage thrift stores. The dining scene encompasses every type of cuisine. With over 1,700 parks and playgrounds, green spaces are never far. Mass transit provides convenient mobility around the bustling boroughs. The extensive amenities make NYC extremely liveable.

Gateway to America

New York City provides easy access to the rest of America and is a great base for exploring. Weekend trips could include sunny Atlantic coast beaches, the historic sites of Washington D.C., or the wilderness of New England. With three major airports, you can easily take domestic trips or international getaways.

Strong British Community

Brits make up one of the largest international communities in New York. Estimates range from 20,000 to over 130,000 British expats calling NYC home. You'll find familiar British products at grocery stores and restaurants serving classic UK dishes. There are several British-American social groups and other expat communities to meet like-minded friends.

Helpful Resources for Moving to New York

Your Pallets Packed - Posted Live on Facebook

Your life, carefully wrapped, beautifully packed, and protected for the journey ahead.

We are extremely proud of our unique packing process. We are one of the only international movers in the UK that uses this tried and tested method to ship your treasured personal possessions overseas.

This is our craft - lives packed with care and attention for their journey overseas. Visit our Facebook page to find a snapshot of each shipment captured as the final pallet is wrapped.

We're proud to post these images, showcasing our removals team's passion and skill. Your personal effects are in the very best hands and are now destined for new adventures abroad.

Come and have a look.