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Removals to Vancouver

1st Move International offer guaranteed weekly shipping, Fast Track customs clearance and a personal move manager for your removals to Vancouver. With over 25 years of experience in overseas moving, we are the first choice.

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Vancouver is a popular destination for expats, with roughly 32,000 Brits living in the Greater Vancouver area. Our removals to Canada shipping service saw just over 10% of all moves heading to Vancouver in 2023.

Our shrink-fast packing and extra benefits guarantee a first-class moving experience. Simply fill out our quick and easy form to get a free, tailored quote for your move to Vancouver.

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How Much Does it Cost for Removals to Vancouver?

Quick Answer

International removals to Vancouver will cost you £1,377 on average for a small move (shared container). Expect to pay roughly £5,300 for a larger move (20ft container). These prices should act as a guideline for your move and true costs will depend on the size and destination of your move.

International Removals Costs from the UK to Vancouver in 2024

Move Size Shipping Method Cost (GBP)
Small Move Shared Container From £1,377
Medium Move (3-bed house) 20ft Container From £5,300
Large Move (4-5 bed house) 40ft Container From £8,100

Prices shown are port to port freight costs and do not include UK collection or packing costs.

For an accurate cost for your removals to Vancouver, request a quick free quote, talk to our team live or give us a call on 0117 9828 123.

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Removals to Vancouver - View of Downtown - Yaletown

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Unique Benefits

Why use 1st Move International for your Removals to Vancouver?

We go above and beyond to provide a premium international removal service.

It Doesn't End There...

  • 25 years’ experience providing international moving services to Vancouver
  • Members of the British Association of Removers
  • Members of the British International Freight Association
  • Modern fleet and fully trained packers and movers
  • Fully insured from your UK home to your destination in Vancouver
  • Your own personal, dedicated move manager
  • Free UK storage up to the next scheduled sailing date
  • Electronic and Fast Track customs clearance in the UK and Vancouver
  • Faster weekly sailings to Vancouver direct from UK ports
  • Track your transatlantic shipment live with 24/7 container tracking
Shipping Options

Shipping Options for your Move to Vancouver

Sea freight is the most common method of shipping items to Vancouver from the UK. With 1st Move International, you can choose from our Shared Container or Full Container Shipping service.

Loading a Shared Container with 1st Move Pallets

Shared Container Shipping to Vancouver

Choose this if you’re after a small and cost-effective move. You’ll share a container with other customers and only pay for the space you take up. This shipping method is best suited for those moving the contents of a 2-3 bedroom property. Our unique packing techniques means we ship your items alongside commercial goods to guarantee weekly shipping.

More About Shared Container Shipping
Loading a Full Container with 1st Move Pallets

Full Container Shipping to Vancouver

This type of shipping is suited for larger moves, such as those who are moving the contents of a 3+ bedroom home. FCL gives you exclusive use of a 20ft or 40ft container to fill with your items only. Using this method will minimise any handling of your items, guaranteeing a safe shipment to Vancouver.

More About Full Container Shipping

Our Unique, Safer Packing Process

Our innovative packing approach reduces risk and enhances security, ensuring a smooth journey to Vancouver.

After Before
Our Service

Our UK to Vancouver Relocation Service Includes:

You get far more than just a shipping service when you choose 1st Move International for your removals to Vancouver.

Personal move manager

Get assigned a free personal move manager to guide you through your move. They are experts in customs protocols and will help you prepare the essential documents needed to move to Vancouver.

Meet Our Team

Full moving insurance cover

Although we have the lowest insurance claims record in the sector, we understand you might want further peace of mind. Get full moving insurance through us, or just cover the items you want.

Our Insurance Options

Fast-track customs clearance

Benefit from Fast Track customs clearance thanks to our innovative packing method. As regulated customs brokers, we also handle the regulations, customs documents and inspections.

About Customs Clearance
Removals to Vancouver - View of Downtown - Yaletown
135,000+ Happy Customers
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25+ Years' Experience

Some Happy Vancouver Movers

Find out what our Vancouver movers have to say about our service.

J Meischl

London to Vancouver BC, Canada

So easy! Very much recommend this moving company! Arrived on time, zero hassle.

K Robinson

Colchester to Vancouver BC, Canada

I made numerous calls to ask questions before booking and the men were all patient and helpful. The whole process worked well from booking, to delivering at the docks to being informed of the vessel etc. We enjoyed watching the ship cross the Atlantic. Yes I would use you again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Moving to Vancouver FAQs

It’ll take 30 days for your international removal from the UK to Canada. These are port-to-port transit times and don’t take into consideration the time to pack and further delivery in Vancouver. Here at 1st Move International, we ship weekly to Vancouver unlike other international companies.

In 2024, it costs £1,377 on average to ship furniture to Vancouver from the UK. This is the price for a small shipment. It’ll cost around £5,300 for a larger move via a Full Container. Your final furniture shipping costs will depend on the volume of items being moved and the destination.

Receive an accurate free quote for your furniture shipping to Vancouver. You can also call us on +44 117 9828 123 or talk to an expert live.

Thanks to milder weather and lower prices, late Spring and early Autumn are considered the best times to move to Vancouver. If you’re moving to Vancouver with children or to study, then consider settling in before the academic year begins in September.

To gain permanent residence in Canada, you’ll need to apply for a visa. The Express Entry programme is used by many British people looking to live and work in Vancouver as skilled workers. Spousal/common-law Sponsorship and Business Immigration are other visa options available. To find out more, read our guide on moving to Canada from the UK.

Learn more about the types of Canadian visas and how to apply.

We will need the following documents to ship your items to Vancouver:

  • Passport: A copy of the photo page of your passport
  • Visa or Permit: You must hold a valid visa or Canadian passport.
  • Packing Inventory: A list of all items to be shipped.

All documents are securely uploaded via our document transfer page.

Read our detailed customs guide for Canada to find out more.

You can live track your shipment with our container tracking tool as soon as your shipment has left the UK. You'll receive a tracking number which gives you 24/7 access to watch its movements.

Autoshippers can ship your car from the UK to Vancouver via specialist Ro/Ro (Roll-on/Roll-off) services from Southampton or inside a container. With over 25 years of experience in shipping vehicles, you know you’ll be in good hands. You will need to get prior permission and apply for Vehicle Import Approval before they can ship your vehicle.

Life in Vancouver

Living in Vancouver, Canada:
Insights for British Expats

Why Move to Vancouver?

Vancouver's main attraction is its natural beauty, making it a popular place to move for those who appreciate outdoor activities. One of the most diverse cities in Canada, Vancouver offers British expats a high standard of living. The cost of living isn’t cheap, but many people find the culture, economy and scenery outweigh this.

Best Places to Live in Vancouver

Popular among young professionals and families, Kitsilano offers excellent beach and mountain views, ideal for those after an active lifestyle. Gastown offers more affordable housing than other areas in Vancouver and is the perfect location for those seeking entertainment and culture. Ultimately where you live will depend on your budget and requirements. To find out more, read our guide on the best places to live in Canada.

Cost of Living in Vancouver

In 2024, the cost of living in Vancouver is cheaper than the UK by 21.5% . We looked at London prices for a comparison, but it remains more expensive to live in Vancouver than Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Bristol.

Vancouver’s average salary is slightly lower than Toronto, with an average monthly salary of $4,523.34 (£2,549.93.) This is 31.7% lower than London’s average of £3,732.84 . We’ve looked at a cost of living comparison for a range of everyday items in Vancouver compared to London.

Cost of Living Comparison: Vancouver vs. London

Item Vancouver UK (London)
Monthly rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in city centre $2,787.60 (£1,571.45) £2,170.83
Price per m2 to buy apartment in city centre $15,122.18 (£8,524.79) £13,403.96
Monthly salary after tax $4,523.34 (£2,549.93) £3,732
3 course meal for 2 people, mid-range restaurant $120 (£67.65) £80
1 litre of milk $2.69 (£1.51) £1.33
1kg chicken fillets $20.93 (£13.38) £7.41
Monthly travel pass $140 (£78.92) £200
Utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage) for 85m2 apartment $104.80 (£79.37) £281.33
Monthly gym membership $55.43 (£31.25) £45.33
Monthly private preschool $1,543.75 (£870.25) £1,815.85

Data taken from Numbeo.

Property Prices & Rent in Vancouver

Rent prices in Vancouver in 2024 are 29% cheaper than in London and to buy it’ll be 36.4% more affordable for city centre locations. Below is a comparison of rental and buying prices in Vancouver compared to London in the UK.

Property Prices & Rent in Vancouver vs. London

Item Vancouver UK (London)
Monthly rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in city centre $2,787.60 (£1,571.45) £2,170.83
Monthly rent for 1-bedroom apartment outside of centre $2,361.71 (£1,331.36) £1,630.26
Price per m2 to buy apartment in city centre $15,122.18 (£8,524.79) £13,403.96
Price per m2 to buy apartment outside of city centre $10,012 (£5,644.04) £7,956.99

Data taken from Numbeo.

Education in Vancouver

The education system in Vancouver is considered excellent, offering state and private schools. The International Baccalaureate is available in many schools as well as a French and Canadian curriculum. Many Vancouver schools place importance on sports and the arts, encouraging children to explore this route as well as traditional studies. Ice hockey, swimming and soccer are played regularly throughout the year. State schools term time starts on the first Tuesday in September post Labour Day, with the summer break commencing in June.

Job Market in Vancouver

Healthcare makes up a big part of Vancouver’s job market, with government plans to create further jobs in the municipality of Surrey. Marketing and technology are other popular sectors in the city. Education, tourism and hospitality are sectors that are in demand in Vancouver and may be ideal for British expats with these skills. It’s recommended to do your own research into your preferred sector using websites like Indeed.


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